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AGC Seminars: “Motivation in the Workplace”

In today’s highly competitive, moment-to-moment environment, motivation in the workplace must remain strong. To ensure this, it must be frequently restored and carefully fostered to keep contributors at the top of their game. AGC’s business seminars do just that.

At its core, the word motivation is “motive,” an idea or emotion that prompts us to take a specific action. The urge to take action waxes and wanes, depending on physical, psychological, and spiritual factors including an inborn desire to “make things happen.” We see the well-ingrained urge to make things happen in toddlers: they bang on pots and pans, open and close cabinet doors, drop oddly-shaped plastic objects through matching holes to fill a void within.

We live and breathe to make things happen, and most of the time, whatever truly motivates us feels very much like a “big thing.”

You probably only hire and retain employees who show evidence of appreciable motivation. Motivation in the workplace drives the engine of success and makes work far more enjoyable than it otherwise would be

Motivation in the workplace improves efficiency, leads to high productivity and superior quality work, creates confidence and a sense of joy in employees, leads to lower supervisory costs, and reduces employee turnover, absenteeism, complaints and grievances.

So when motivation in the workplace goes south, the suffering begins. The slow drip, drip, drip of employee dissatisfaction can eventually lead to a full-fledged flood and a mass exodus as employees, managers and leaders head for more compelling challenges. No one wants their primary daily challenge to be “a desire to go to work in the morning”!

Motivation theories fall into three distinct categories: satisfaction themes, and incentive and intrinsic theories. The first assumes that workers who are satisfied will work harder.

The incentive theory assumes that employees will work harder to obtain a desired reward. A paycheck is one example, but there are many other avenues to achieving motivation in the workplace. The size of the paycheck, alone, is rarely the sole deciding factor when it comes to employee satisfaction and ongoing motivation.

The third, intrinsic theory is based on the belief that higher-order needs (performance, responsibility, and more) are more prevalent in modern humans than has been assumed. The feeling of knowing we have somehow made a difference beyond completing a task, earning a paycheck, and providing for our families transcends boundaries of time and the satisfaction of having solved certain problems, giving employees the feeling that what they do truly matters.

So when it comes to ensuring and fostering motivation in the workplace, what really matters?

According to the Satisfaction Theory espoused by Herzberg, “hygiene factors” (aspects of a workplace that prevent dissatisfaction but do not provide intrinsic satisfaction) include company policy and administration, salary, supervisor quality, interpersonal relationships, working conditions, and job security. Hygiene factors answer a basic question: Why work here?

Then, according to Herzberg, there are “motivator factors” which actually create job satisfaction and effectively motivate employees to superior performance and efforts. These factors include status, advancement, recognition, increased responsibilities and rewards, challenging work, highly-visible achievement, and growth within the job. Motivator factors answer the question:?Why work harder?

Another theory is called the Expectancy Theory. Its view is that people’s behavior is affected by what they want to happen, by their estimate of the probability of a desired outcome, and by the strength of their belief that the outcome will truly reward – and not punish – their efforts.

According to this theory, people will decide how much effort to put into their work based on the perceived value that they place on the outcome and whether they are likely to be rewarded or punished for expending their efforts in an area of focus. It is the strength of their expectation regarding reward (or its opposite, punishment) which determines the ways in which employees choose to function.Expectancy is potent, whether for good or for ill.

AGC’s business seminars draw from the strengths of the Satisfaction and Expectancy theories to create a dependable way to build a consistently-high level of motivation in the workplace. Contact us today to schedule a seminar on-site or in our facility to establish motivation in the workplace that is foolproof, practical, and immensely rewarding for everyone it touches.

For more information on motivation in the workplace and business seminars please call us: (415) 348-6256

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