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Jinsoo Terry
Edu-Tainment Programs

Customized educational entertainment programs led by Jinsoo Terry. For more information and to book her contact Jinsoo Terry

Creating Superheroes:
Music Rap Album

Creator, Jinsoo Terry.

Teenagers, young leaders and college age students. Enjoy positive rap and hip-hop music to give your day a positive boost. Price: $12.99

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Jinsoo Terry Music Samples

Jinsoo: Succeeding in America the Jinsoo Way

USA English version.
Author, Jinsoo Terry

This is Jinsoo Terry’s story coming to America. Read her personal story. Learn from her tips and ideas. She shows you how to make it in the USA. “If Jinsoo can do it, you can do it too.”

Price: $ 16.95



"Jinsoo Terry is an original, a Korean woman who helps all people realize success and enjoyment. And if that’s not enough, she’s a rapper, too!"

– Alan Weiss, Ph.D., Author, “Million Dollar Consulting,”
President, Summit Consulting Group, Inc

“Terrific…awesome!  Jinsoo is talented and encourages and energizes people to be a great person.  Respecting ourselves is the most significant rule in our own lives.  I’d like to recommend this lecture to other people. It is excellent."

– Kevin, LG

“You are a true inspiration to Asian Americans who would like to learn how to turn weaknesses into strengths."

– Rose Tibayan, National Representative for the NAAAP
Chicago Chapter

"AGC has a great system. I learned through activity, and not just theory, but the attitude and confidence for me to succeed with my work in the future. Even though there are obstacles and barriers, I learned I can reach over them. I strongly recommend this to other people and other companies"

– Frank Lee, Quality Management, LG Petrochemical

"The energy and the message was refreshing and it’s a healthy way to live. It was truly hilarious and inspirational."

– Peter Hu, Student at CU Boulder

"I love the energy and stories. Also, being interactive in the workshop was good to keep the flow going and broke the monotony. Thank you!"

– You Vang, Process Design Consultant, Bank of America

"It’s truly a fun experience! It gives me a different perspective about how to become an effective leader."

– Thea Ivens, Project Designer, The A+D Studio, Burbank, CA

"Thank you for coming to remind us to have fun in our careers/lives! Also for me to be a manager who has fun, thanks and praises her staff and smiles!"

– Hyun Kim, Senior Events Coordinator, ADVANCE

"I learned – don’t just think – DO!"

– Joe Kim, Realtor, Century 21

“Very energetic and optimistic perspective. Lead by being a great example."

– Mandy Wong, Engineer, Exelon Corp.

"Even though I studied English for ten years, I was not good at speaking English, and I hesitated to communicate with foreigners because I was scared. But after completing this program, I gained the confidence to effectively communicate and succeed globally."

– Kyoung Lim, Research Engineering Manager, LG CNS

"Very inspiring and moving speech. Encouraging and gives me the motivation to find myself and rethink who and what I am. Jinsoo can do it and I can do it too."

– Sung Kim, QE, Adobe Systems, San Francisco, CA

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