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AGC Global Training

Customized multicultural training programs to help American and Asian business people learn how to do business globally and teach a multicultural workforce how to work together. For more info see www.AGCSeminars.com

Jinsoo Terry
Edu-Tainment Programs

Customized educational entertainment programs led by Jinsoo Terry. For more information and to book her contact Jinsoo Terry

Creating Superheroes:
Music Rap Album

Creator, Jinsoo Terry.

Teenagers, young leaders and college age students. Enjoy positive rap and hip-hop music to give your day a positive boost. Price: $12.99

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Jinsoo Terry Music Samples

Jinsoo: Succeeding in America the Jinsoo Way

USA English version.
Author, Jinsoo Terry

This is Jinsoo Terry’s story coming to America. Read her personal story. Learn from her tips and ideas. She shows you how to make it in the USA. “If Jinsoo can do it, you can do it too.”

Price: $ 16.95

P.A.L.B.O.T and Mr. Kim
Come to America


First Issue. Creator, Jinsoo Terry

Young people, parents, grandparents and family friends will love to give this funny comic book to anyone who wants to see the funny experiences Mr. Kim has in America and how he learns American culture from PALBOT the robot. Also, the reader will learn Korean culture from Mr. Kim. A great guide to learn multicultural differences.

Available in English or Japanese

Price: $ 14.95

“Be Confident in the
World” Tee Shirt

Unique design by Jinsoo Terry. 100% cotton. Good to wear to get in a positive, happy mood. This exclusive design will bring cultural awareness to you and your community. Wear when you want to be creative and have fun.

Sizes: S M L

Colors: Hot Pink or Royal Blue

Price: $ 29.95

“Jinsoo Terry” Rapper’s Bandana

Do you want to have a positive mind and be creative? Wear this “Jinsoo Terry” rapper’s cultural awareness bandana, just like Jinsoo Terry.

One size fits all.

Colors: Hot Pink or Royal Blue/Orange

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Leadership Development at AGC Seminars

In today’s global economy, your business demands leaders who can motivate and coordinate a culturally sensitive, team-based approach. Updated leadership development training for multicultural workforces is essential to your success.

Leadership development training must change as the competitive environment changes. Global competition, information technology, the need for fast, flexible organizations, team-building, and the diverse needs of employees – all must be addressed to ensure success.

But it is the leader of a group who actually rallies the troops and makes sure everyone is heading in the same direction. Unless this happens, it is never very long before wheels and wagons end up in a ditch, with extraction a costly and painful process.

Even though the global environment is rarely predictable, many aspects of international leadership will always require a collaborative approach, one that encourages an environment that fosters and encourages every employee to contribute in significant, value-enhancing ways.

And with increasing attention being paid to the ethics and values of today’s organizations, brought about by ethical lapses that seem to headline newspapers and news channels on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever to tackle leadership team development in a whole new way, emphasizing the transparency, character and integrity of people in leadership roles.

Future leaders need to know how to do business and develop strategies on a global basis. Globalization increases the need for leaders to deal sensitively with people who live and work outside their own environments – trade, regulatory, political, media groups, and more.

So leadership development must include international awareness of markets, trends, and cultural sensibilities especially in particular regions on Asia’s Pacific Rim where interpersonal and business communication is very different from what a businessperson finds, and feels comfortable with, in America and Europe.

At AGC Seminars, our instructors show leaders how to deepen relationships and maximize influence. In addition to revealing what great leadership is and does, AGC emphasizes that, on the heels on Enron, WorldCom and AIG, leadership team development must also address “businesses behaving badly.” It is no longer a “dog-eat-dog” business environment. The age of the imperial CEO is rapidly being overtaken by more far-sighted CEO’s who exhibit humility, who foster team-building skills, and whose masterful abilities to communicate and inspire others position them on the front lines, making a difference for their companies, a difference that cannot be brought down by tomorrow’s scandals.

Obviously, the ROI for this kind of leadership development is incalculable.

If this the kind of leadership development you want or need to introduce to your employees, call us to find out more about how we can help you develop the skills you need to take your company and its employees to the next level.

Contact AGC Seminars today. We can help you make the necessary switch from business-as-usual to cultural competency and international acclaim.

For more information on leadership development activities and leadership team development please call us: (415) 348-6256

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