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AGC Global Training

Customized multicultural training programs to help American and Asian business people learn how to do business globally and teach a multicultural workforce how to work together. For more info see www.AGCSeminars.com

Jinsoo Terry
Edu-Tainment Programs

Customized educational entertainment programs led by Jinsoo Terry. For more information and to book her contact Jinsoo Terry

Creating Superheroes:
Music Rap Album

Creator, Jinsoo Terry.

Teenagers, young leaders and college age students. Enjoy positive rap and hip-hop music to give your day a positive boost. Price: $12.99

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Jinsoo Terry Music Samples

Jinsoo: Succeeding in America the Jinsoo Way

USA English version.
Author, Jinsoo Terry

This is Jinsoo Terry’s story coming to America. Read her personal story. Learn from her tips and ideas. She shows you how to make it in the USA. “If Jinsoo can do it, you can do it too.”

Price: $ 16.95

P.A.L.B.O.T and Mr. Kim
Come to America


First Issue. Creator, Jinsoo Terry

Young people, parents, grandparents and family friends will love to give this funny comic book to anyone who wants to see the funny experiences Mr. Kim has in America and how he learns American culture from PALBOT the robot. Also, the reader will learn Korean culture from Mr. Kim. A great guide to learn multicultural differences.

Available in English or Japanese

Price: $ 14.95

“Be Confident in the
World” Tee Shirt

Unique design by Jinsoo Terry. 100% cotton. Good to wear to get in a positive, happy mood. This exclusive design will bring cultural awareness to you and your community. Wear when you want to be creative and have fun.

Sizes: S M L

Colors: Hot Pink or Royal Blue

Price: $ 29.95

“Jinsoo Terry” Rapper’s Bandana

Do you want to have a positive mind and be creative? Wear this “Jinsoo Terry” rapper’s cultural awareness bandana, just like Jinsoo Terry.

One size fits all.

Colors: Hot Pink or Royal Blue/Orange

Price: $ 11.95

AGC Seminars “Executive Management Training”

“If you’re too busy for Executive Management Training, you’re too busy!”
Jinsoo Terry, CEO, AGC Seminars

We know: You have priorities, meetings, deadlines. But if you’re too busy to learn how to do what you do even better (more efficiently and effectively), maybe you’re too busy to succeed the smart way. Let us show you how to work smarter, not harder.

Executive management training can enhance productivity, streamline business functions and interactions, improve employee retention, and boost the overall morale of an organization. The many benefits of exemplary executive management training filter throughout an organization, providing bottom-line results and operational efficiencies.

Productive executives balance the needs of every player within their organizations. Executive management training reveals and hones the skills needed to delegate tasks, make good decisions, communicate expectations, and challenge the comfort zones of major players so they learn to aspire and produce more abundantly than ever before.

At AGC Seminars, our culture in leadership trainingsessions are customized to help busy executives develop exceptional skills within the unique culture, vision, mission and goals of their specific organizations.

We can help improve your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in areas of change management, performance, business processes and complexity management. We can also help you become a “strategy” thinker, a key component for success in today’s multicultural business environment. You need to think about tomorrow’s prospects every bit as much as you think about today’s challenges and opportunities.

And no serious executive management training client is complete without courses in financial, human capital, and technology management, along with special insights into partnering, politics, and how to influence and negotiate nationally and/or internationally.

Do your university degree and your present practical experience provide all of the insight you need to take your business to the next level in the 21st century? If your degree isn’t the latest one out of your alma mater, the answer – most likely – is “No.”

Technology and the global marketplace have changed the way business is conducted. Individuals must now take a more active role in marketing, presentation, and discerning which alliances to pursue.

If you want to participate in global change and the many opportunities that exist because of the changing dynamics, your first stop should be at AGC Seminars, to register for executive management training. As an executive, it’s the best investment you will ever make.

Please contact us today for more information about executive management training and culture in leadership training or any of the other business-enhancing multicultural and multinational seminars we offer.

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