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AGC Seminars: Diversity in the Workplace Facts

“When you know the diversity in the workplace facts, you quickly discover why diversity in the workforce is the wave of the future. Increasing diversity in America and increasing globalization worldwide will require increasing interaction among people of diverse cultures.”

Jinsoo Terry, CEO, AGC Seminars

Diversity in the Workplace Facts

Companies that create diversity in the workplace are generally more profitable than those who do not

"Organizations which excel at leveraging diversity (including the hiring and advancement of women and nonwhite men into senior management jobs, and providing a climate conducive to contributions from people of diverse backgrounds) will experience better financial performance in the long run than organizations which are not effective in managing diversity." Federal Glass Ceiling Commission, 1994

Covenant Investment Management rated the performance of the Standard and Poor 500 on factors relating to the hiring and advancement of women and nonwhites. The study compared the annualized return for the 100 companies which rated lowest in equal employment opportunities issues (7.9 percent) with the 18.3 percent of the 100 companies that rated highest in their equal employment opportunities. The stock market performance of the high performers was 2.5 times higher than that of firms that invested little in glass ceiling-related issues.

Another report - "Competitiveness Through Management of Diversity: Effects on Stock Price Valuation" - discovered that firms receiving Department of Labor awards for successfully implementing voluntary affirmative action policies are additionally rewarded with a boost in their share price within 10 days of the announcement.

These diversity in the workplace facts and diversity training programs reveal that diversity is profitable now. And diversity in the workplace will become increasingly profitable as America segues from a majority demographic that is now Americans-of-European-descent to a demographic that will be evenly divided between European-Americans and Americans-from-everywhere else.

When cultural diversity is acknowledged and honored, managers find new ways to maximize and capitalize on the different skills, styles and sensibilities of employees from different cultures.

Valuing and managing diversity is an important key to developing an effective people management strategy and maximizing the contribution of every employee in the workplace.

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