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WELCOME to Advanced Global Connections'
Corporate Diversity Leadership Training Programs

Is your organization facing some of these corporate diversity training challenges?

  • Do not understand the culture diversity differences of International companies.
  • Have cultural barriers in communication with employees from different cultures.
  • Your multicultural workforce has difficulty working together.
  • Frustrated with understanding global business culture: business skills, communication skills, and the global economy.
  • Have cultural barriers in communication with upper management.
  • Hard to find leaders with good cultural diversity skills.
  • We can help you build the best global leaders the AGC Way!

    Advanced Global Connections (AGC) offers innovative and customized cultural diversity business training programs that strengthen skills for the global marketplace.

    With many years of practical experience in corporate diversity training, organizational leadership training, and proven success impacting Fortune 500 companies, AGC consultants incorporate proven cultural diversity and leadership skill development techniques to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively compete in today’s global business world. We help you accelerate your global business performance with top-notch corporate diversity training.


    AGC’s organizational leadership training is based on the founder Jinsoo Terry’s 20-year cultural diversity experience in corporate America plus Korean business experience. AGC builds unique leaders with experienced trainers to help businesses succeed globally.

    • Training and Consulting based on extensive practical experience
    • Customized programs that address your specific needs
    • Proven track record to guide international business people to succeed globally
    • Experienced, personable trainers and consultants who focus on dynamic, creative ways to impact organizational development
    • Interactive leadership skill development that produce results


    • Customized Cross-Cultural Communication Training
    • Executive Coaching
    • International Business Consulting
    • Intercultural Communication Training in the Workplace
    • Extensive Follow-up Services

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AGC Global Training Programs

Customized multicultural training programs to help American and Asian business people learn how to do business globally and teach a multicultural workforce how to work together. For more info see www.AGCSeminars.com

Jinsoo: Succeeding in America the Jinsoo Way

USA English version.
Author, Jinsoo Terry

This is Jinsoo Terry’s story coming to America. Read her personal story. Learn from her tips and ideas. She shows you how to make it in the USA. “If Jinsoo can do it, you can do it too.”

Price: $ 16.95


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